Our Farm Practices

Evonuk Farms specializes in both organic and conventionally grown herbs and produce. We practice sustainable farming methods to grow high quality produce and to ensure quality returns for generations to come. You will find many green practices in play here at Maui Herb Gardens.

Drip Irrigation & Mulching

Drip irrigation products are designed to slowly drip water to the roots of the plants in our Maui herb farm. We also utilize mulch to help our plants retain that moisture, and manage weeds. Drip irrigation and mulching helps us to conserve water (an especially valuable resource on our island home).

Crop Rotation

We carefully plan our herbs and vegetable crop rotations to insure that each new crop planted replaces the nutrients used by the previous crop. We want to be sure the soil is always fertile and well-maintained.

Cover Cropping

We plant cover crops to suppress weeds, build fertile soil, and control pests and diseases naturally. As an added bonus, cover crops also protect the land from soil erosion, and help maintain high soil quality.

Green Manure

The use of green manures allows us to fertilize the soil with dead or dying plants. We essentially place them back into the soil, and as they decay they replace valuable nutrients and organic matter.

Solar Power

We have 65 solar panels which power our walk-in refrigerators, packing facility and office to minimize our carbon footprint.


Our approach to pesticides is different from many larger farms in that we do not use them as a preventative measure. We work on the premise that the best way to prevent infestations of insects and disease is to grow healthy plants. Healthy plants are less likely to attract pests; so we put our focus there. We then scour our crops for signs of disease or pests and only spray when threats are present. To ensure minimal environmental impact, we only spray when needed and target limited areas.

Back Ups

We grow “backups” of each of our herbs. If a crop is compromised, we can still fulfill our orders. With the pressure off, we are less likely to use pesticides unless it becomes  absolutely necessary. It’s such a relief to not have all your eggs in one basket!

Same Day/Next Day Harvest

To make sure we deliver the freshest culinary herbs, we deliver most of our produce within 12 to 24 hours of harvest. We want to provide our customers with the finest herbs possible.

Press Evonuk Farm herb